3 Hot Wedding Colors for Summer 2014
3 Hot Wedding Colors for Summer 2014
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by Andrea K. Clark

3 Hot Wedding Colors for Summer 2014

As with all things, trends change and the colors that were popular one or two summers ago aren’t as popular this year. Therefore, those planning summer weddings in 2014 need to know what the trending wedding colors are!
1. Yellow

Yellow is going to be a big color for weddings this summer, but it’s not just any shade of yellow. The light, pastel shades of yellow will be the most popular. Why? Yellow is a fun color that has the ability to cheer people up instantly, however, the bright shades of yellow can be overpowering and counteractive in complimenting the wedding atmosphere. On the other hand, the soft shades of yellow still spread the warm and happy feelings without overpowering the senses.

The light blue-green hue that presents itself in the seafoam and turquoise color palettes gives off the feelings of tranquility and peace. While everyone enjoys attending weddings full of peace and tranquility, at summer weddings, guests also want to attend weddings that are fun and uplifting. Turquoise and seafoam are also cool colors, which give summer weddings the light/airy and fun vibes they need to be successful!

As mentioned above, summer weddings need to be fun as most of us associate the summer months with “fun.” Fuchsia and hot pink are definitely bold colors that practically scream “I’m fun!” Not only are these colors “fun” colors, but they are also energizing colors – perfect for summer weddings.
Above are just three of the hot wedding colors for summer 2014 weddings, there are several more that will be making a splash at summer weddings around the world this year. So, if none of the three colors above appeals to you, just wait, because we will be revealing the others soon!

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