Kids Formal Wear August Newsletter


Dear Valued Customer,

We sincerely hope this newsletter finds you and your family well. It is hard to believe that in just a few weeks, all of our kids are going to be back in school! As it is the back-to-school season, many of you will be going through your childrenís closets to make way for new, better-fitting, clothes. If you are like me, it isnít difficult to pull out the clothes that donít fit anymore, but it is hard to decide what to do with them. Below are a few suggestions if you also have a hard time finding a solution for outgrown childrenís clothes.

1. Friends and Family: The first thing I do is call my family and friends with kids a little younger than my own to see if they need any extra clothes. I hate to see the clothes go elsewhere when they can actually help people I know personally.

2. Play Dress Up: Another great use for outgrown clothes is to use them for future dress up clothes. Obviously, the kids that just grew out of their clothes wonít like playing dress up with them, but if you put them in a trunk and tuck away, then when younger kids come over you can pull it out and they will have hours of fun!

3. Repurpose: There are a lot of ways to repurpose old clothing. One of the newest ways, and possibly the neatest, is to take one of your childís favorite shirts, dresses or pair of jeans and have it made into a stuffed animal for a keepsake. Another idea is to take multiple t-shirts and have them turned into a baby blanket. Then when your child has a baby of his/her own you have an awesome baby blanket to give him/her.

4. Donate: Place such as Salvation Army, YWCA, United Way, etc. are always looking for clothing donations. However, other great places that are usually in need of extra kidsí clothing are churches, Motherís Day Out programs, and daycares.

Hopefully, you have found some ideas to help you clean outgrown clothes out of your kidsí closets and your home! Of course, if you are looking for new kidsí formal wear options for your little ones this fall and winter, then head over to Kids Formal now! We have plenty to choose from.

Have a wonderful week!


Your Friends at Kids Formal