Boys' Dress Shirts and Ties

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Short sleeve plain shirt Boy's white dress shirt Long sleeve plain shirt boys dress shirts with ties
Boy's white dress shirt

Price: $21.95

boys dress shirt with tie

Price: $26.95

boys dress shirt with matching tie boys dress shirt
boys dress shirt

Price: $23.95

It doesn’t matter the age or ethnicity of a young man, all boys need a variety of boys’ dress shirts in their closet to choose from. Why? Boys dress shirts are to be worn to a wide variety of events from going to church to school pictures and dances to weddings and even sports and academic ceremonies. Therefore, stocking your young man’s closet with a variety of colored boys’ dress shirts will ensure he has the right shirt to compliment any event. Not only will you find the variety of boys’ dress shirts large at Kids Formal, but you’ll also find that our prices are relatively low and the quality high. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have. We will gladly help you select the right dress shirt(s) for an upcoming event.