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Choosing Formal Wear for Toddler Boys

If you are the parent of both boys and girls, then you know how much difference there is between the two genders. In fact, even if you only have a little boy, you’ve probably noticed the difference between boys and girls just by observing the little girls of your friends. Little girls like to sit and color or play with their dolls, but boys enjoy running around, jumping, climbing and basically, being right in the middle of the action. This will affect the formalwear you choose for toddler boys.

1.    Make Sure It’s Comfortable. For toddlers, there really isn’t a need for formalwear that is stiff and full of buttons. When you’re shopping for formalwear for toddler boys, look for dress pants that have elastic pants and easily be taken off. This is especially true if your little boy hasn’t been potty trained. You will also want to stay away from materials that are “scratchy” as your toddler will probably get irritated with this half-way through the event.

2.    Try to Get the Same Color. Toddlers grow fast and the need for formalwear isn’t huge. Therefore, it’s easy to purchase an outfit, your child wears it once and then grows out of it. This is why you should purchase toddler boys formalwear in various sizes. Just because he outgrows the pants of one outfit, doesn’t necessarily he’s outgrown the jacket, which means you can mix and match outfits easily when they’re all the same color!

3.    Let Him Help. This really only applies to the mothers with older toddler boys (around age 3). This is around the age when children begin to form opinions of their own and if you come home with a formal outfit that your toddler doesn’t like, you may have a war on your hands when it comes time to wear it. Therefore, bring your toddler along when you shop and help him try on some of the outfits…then, give him an option between the two outfits you like the best. By letting him pick, he’ll be more likely to wear the outfit for the entire event.


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