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Popular Easter Dress Colors

As January is almost over, it is almost time to start thinking about ordering your little girls’ Easter dresses. Easter is in April, and ordering the dresses early has several advantages. First, you’re going to be able to take advantage of more sales on Easter dresses as you have more time to shop for sales (both online and in stores) and you will be able to purchase the Easter dresses that you and your little ones like best before those particular styles sell out.

While you have plenty of options to choose from, not every dress is an Easter dress. There are certain colors that symbolize Easter and you will want to stick to those colors for the Easter dresses you choose. Below are the popular colors for Easter dresses and a little bit about their meanings.

Green – Green is a classic Easter dress color because it represents grass, which comes back every spring after the harsh winter weather. It also symbolize hope, making it an even more popular Easter color.

Yellow – Just as green represents grass, yellow represents the sun that shines bright (and warm) during the Easter season. Yellow also represents joy and happiness.
girls yellow easter dress
Purple – The color purple symbolizes royalty, as well as, wealth. It is often associated with Easter when in its pastel form.
purple easter dress
Pink – Pink is often associated with new beginnings, which is what Easter (and the spring season) is all about. It makes a great Easter dress color because pink is also representative of little girls.
pink easter dress
White – White has long been the symbol for purity and grace, which is also representative of the Easter holiday, making it a popular color for Easter dresses.
girls white easter dress
Blue – Blue isn’t quite as popular of an Easter color as those listed above, but it is still representative of the holiday nonetheless. Depending on its exact shade, it can represent heaven, the birth of Jesus, sky and new creation.
blue easter dress
As you can see there are many popular colors for you to choose from when picking out an Easter dress for your little one. If you can’t decide on one color, you can always choose a dress that contains several of the Easter colors on it.

Also, if you are limited on time and money, then you should definitely consider shopping for Easter dresses online. Not only can you find them much cheaper, but you’ll also be able to order them from your home whenever you have the time available to do so. Just make sure you give yourself a few weeks before Easter if you are ordering online.


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