Kids Formal Wear September Newsletter


Dear Valued Customer,

School is back in session and we are quickly approaching the fall and winter months. As you already know, this is a pretty busy time of year. Sometimes when things get so busy, as parents, we tend to focus on our checklists and work through the day. Unfortunately, our children are often left feeling like they have been placed on the back-burner. So, what can we do throughout the fall/winter to help our kids confident in our love for them? Here are a few ideas:

1. Hold Movie Nights – My kids love it when I announce that we are having a movie night. As they are only 4 and 8 right now, most of the time a movie night consists of us going to the video store, renting a movie, and watching it at home with the lights off and fresh popcorn in our hands. The great thing about movie nights is that they can be planned events or done on a whim as it doesn’t take much to make them work and the kids love them. The important part is just sitting down as a family and enjoying the feature presentation together.

2. Host a Party – “Host a party” does sound a little intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be an all-out, music-blaring kind of party. It may be a simple sleepover for your kids’ and a few friends. On the other hand, it could be a more formally organized party. Think something like a Halloween Party, Christmas Party or even a New Year’s Party for your kids and their friends. When parents take the time to plan a “party” with their children for their children, it helps strengthen the bond between them. It also allows the kids to have fun with their friends while being under your supervision.

3. Weekend Projects – This is one of my favorites. I know weekends can get busy during the fall and winter, but there is usually a few time slots available for the family together and complete a project together. For instance, maybe your son likes to build model cars or he has an interest in building a bird house or some other thing. Take a few hours on the weekend to sit down with him and work on one of those “projects” together. Perhaps you have a daughter who is always watching you cook or has shown an interest in sewing? Spend a Friday or Saturday evening in the kitchen preparing a new recipe for dinner or show her how to sew a pillow for her bed. If you don’t know how to sew, consider signing you both up for a weekend sewing class and let the bonding begin!

Hopefully, September has found you and your family in great spirits and looking for the upcoming fall and winter activities. It is also our hope that you and your family are able to carve out some quality time together too! If you are in the need for children’s formal wear of any kind, please visit our website as we are working hard to bring you the latest and greatest styles, for the best price!


Your Friends at Kids Formal