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3 Must-Have Tools for Healthy Living
I know we are well into the year, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has already forgotten their new year resolution for healthy living. In fact, just by following people on Facebook and Twitter will
Chiropractic Care for Children
I guess it’s time that I finally admit the fact that I am getting older. In a little over a month I will turn thirty (30). While the number itself doesn’t bother me, what is starting to bother me is
Healthy Tips for Healthy Kids this Fall
As you know, fall has arrived and while the weather is beautiful, there are a lot of germs floating around, causing a lot of kids to get sick with the common cold, strep throat and even the flu. Th
How to Find a Good Babysitter
One tool that all parents need in their “toolbox” is a good babysitter. While I love my children to death, I am a firm believer in going out without them every once in a while. Whether the hubby and I
How to Raise Independent Kids
Have you ever stopped and looked at kids and their behaviors today? I’ve noticed that more and more kids are relying on their parents to do things for them instead of doing it themselv
Keeping Kids Safe at Big Events
Keeping Kids Safe at Big Events As you know, at Kids Formal we help families dress their little ones in formal attire for special occasions. In general, most of these special events house a large
Kids and Social Media
There’s no question about whether or not the world has changed since we were kids. When we were kids, our biggest concern after school was how long we had to play outside before it was time to get re
Showing Kids Love
I am sure that most of you with children understand the importance of letting your kids know that you love them, especially with the increase of child suicides over the last few years. Making sure th
Soothing Fussy Babies
I have a friend who had a baby just a few weeks before I had my second baby. Her son is three weeks older than my youngest, making him about seven (7) months old now. Since this is my friend’s first b
The Babymoon: Travel with these Tips in Mind
The Babymoon: Travel with these Tips in Mind When I was pregnant, I was told on numerous occasions to make sure that my husband and I took the time to go on one last vacation before the little g